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Featured Interview with Borrowed & Blue



Jacquelynn Brynn Photography

Q&A Collaboration


I’m writing this as I’m waiting for takeoff to head back to the Pacific Northwest to shoot at one of my favorite venues.  This year was full of change and in that time I expanded my coverage to be bi-coastal.  Enjoying all the additional beauty that I’ve been exposed to in Nashville.  I was thrilled to share a little with B&B readers


“At Borrowed & Blue, we know everyone deserves a beautiful wedding. The best way to make the practical parts happen? Hire amazing vendors to help you plan your day. PNW weddings are in a category all their own—and that’s because the wedding community up here is full of some serious all-stars. That’s why I reached out to Jacquelynn to learn a little bit more about weddings in Seattle and Lake Chelan! Jacquelynn is a local with lots of experience photographing weddings, which is why she was a perfect fit to answer some questions for us about what it’s like being a wedding photographer in the area! I’m so glad we were able to get to know her a bit better.”


- Helen, Borrowed & Blue’s Seattle Market Specialist


Here’s our Q&A:




1. Hey Jacquelynn! How did you get started as a photographer?

You can thank the universe that brought me together with a wonderful man from a small town in the middle of nowhere.  I was a corporate finance analyst in Portland.  When I knew he was “the one”, I asked myself what kind of job could I create that I would love to do.  So I bought my first 5D just in time for my friends wedding in Vegas.  After that I created a website and clients sought me out from google searches.  When my children were born I went full time.


2. Share an image with us that you think sums up your photographic aesthetic—and tell us why!

There are a number of reasons why this moment and couple sticks in my mind.  This is a gorgeous venue that overlooks Lake Chelan, and has a number of beautiful areas to shoot at.  But as a part of a working orchard it also offered another side.  Tucked away and covered in real grit.  And a couple adventurous enough to trust me. 


3. Do you have a favorite aspect of your job?

Our wedding photographer messed up big time, so being able to deliver timeless images is my way of creating the images I never got.  But lots of photographers make stunning images.  I also insure they enjoyed their day to the fullest, keeping them carefree thru the little things like helping clear their plates before the toasts (that also makes their images prettier).  The day is over in a flash and I want them to soak it in.


4. What makes a Chelan wedding different from a wedding in another part of the country?

The people! I’ve never had a bridezilla.  Ladies in the PNW are easy going and up for fun ideas. It also helps that most of my weddings are outdoors and surrounded by majesty.  Lake Chelan offers a plethora of backdrops, from woodland greens, pristine waters, vineyards, beaches, orchards… I can go on.  Also in Chelan the vendors all know and compliment each other very well for a seamless event.


5.. What are your tips for brides planning their wedding?

Two things...Break the mold, and don’t be afraid to put your spin on everything… don’t like cake?  Make a donut tower.  And if you want gorgeous images, think about the details.  Is your cake sitting in the sun, in front of fire extinguishers, or cut in complete darkness with no lighting?  Your photographers can work a lot of magic, but somethings are easily fixed with some vision ahead of time.


6. Share one of your favorite memories from photographing a wedding.

Easy! In 2014 I had the incredible privilege to shoot a wedding that had FIVE of my past/present/future brides at one wedding.  I have been blessed to get to become friends my brides and really fell in love with all of their families and friends!


I hope you enjoyed the Q&A! Make sure you check out Borrowed & Blue, too; it’s a great place to find Seattle wedding planners.

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