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Father's Day!

Trying to find a picture of my favorite Father's Day memories was hard.  Most of my favorite memories with my Dad growing up- we don't have pictures of.  The first play he took me to, Pirates of Penzance.  Our camping trips to the sand dunes riding dirt bikes.  Days spent at the lake jet skiing.  I can't even think about all these without tearing up like a big baby.  I am a Daddy's girl.  And there are no words to sum up just how much my Dad means to me.  He has set the bar in my life of what it means to be a man.  He is superman, he can do anything and fix anything.  He sacrificed so much to just always be there for me in a number of ways.  I will always be grateful for the things he taught me, even when he wasn't talking.  I love you Dad for all the adventures we've had, and all the fun to come!

*And yes you will probably see me tearing up at every Father Daughter dance I photograph.

Father's Day




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